Sunday, November 29, 2020 - 01:09

THICI's main facilities are located in a 147 hectare land area consisting of a Slipway No. 1, Slipway No. 2, a Building Dock, a Warehouse, an Assembly Factory, a Hatchcover Factory, a Pipe Factory, a Paint shop, a Machine Shop, Floating Cranes, Training Center and an Office Building

01 Floating Crane 1300T
02 Paint Shop
03 Assembly Factory
04 NC Plasma Cutting Machine
05 Line Welder Machine
06 Plate Bending
07 CO2 One Side MAG Machine
08 Training Center (Lecture)
09 Training Center (Welding)
10 Training Center (Gas Cutting)
10.1 Training Center
11 New Building Dock
11.1 New Building Dock