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We have a company in Japan – TSUNEISHI HOLDINGS INC.

October 1996 – TCI was established
March 1997 – TCI started its operation for only (2) Dept., the M.O-Mechanical and Steelworks.

TCI Admin. Office was transferred its new office located at 3rd floor THI Old. Admin. Building.
Engage in all outfitting works for engine rooms of ship, machining of steel shape, steel pipe and other iron materials.
We have also new activities last 2010 which includes fabrication of pipes, stern frame, rudder horn, rudder plate and deck and also fabrication of outfits.

Machinery Outfitting - Mechanical or Finishing, Steelworks and Pipe Fitting
Hull Outfitting
Hull Fabrication – specialize on Stern Frame and Rudder Horn and Rudder Plate
Pipe Factory
Machine Shop – for Job order
Administration Department

Pipe Factory – was started last January 2011 from THI - TCI
- We have four (4) Engineers who handled this area and supervises by Japanese personnel who teach Filipino workers a highly technical skills.
- Pipe Factory is all about fabrication of pipes for Machinery and Hull outfitting usage

Machine Shop – accepts Job Order
- Shaft center sighting and adjusting for main engine;
- Boring works of stern tube and stern frame;
- Propeller and shaft loading and fitting;
- Main Engine loading, installation and operation;
- Rudder and rudder shaft loading and fitting;
- Steering gear installation;
- Various machining works for new ship and ship repair;
- Various deck machinery installation;
- Various engine room steel works.

Dispatch Japanese personnel to teach highly Technical skills to Filipino workers
We are the only THI affiliates who have plenty of Japanese personnel assigned in the Philippines